Thursday, 3 September 2015

Belle Epoque Jacket

When the Antwerpen Zoo held their Belle Epoque picnic I really wanted to go but I didn't have the time. Other members of our 19th century living history group "De Gracieuse" did attend.

Their wonderful photographs and stories inspired me to start working on a Belle Epoque jacket. 

This is the pattern I am working with; Past Patterns #113, 1899-1910 Spectator Jacket.
I think the pattern also can be used for slightly earlier costumes.

The heads of the leg-o-mutton sleeves ended up being quite large 
and look a lot like the jacket in this picture.

A traveling suit, coat, and skirt, 
designed by Jacques Doucet c. 1892-97.

And it has a pleat in the back like this woollen Cycling Suit
 made by Trouville in 1896

 I have been working on it during our summer vacation and had hoped to be finished by now
 but the sleeves turned out to wide and to long. 
So I will take them out, make changes to the pattern pieces and make new sleeves. 


Anonymous said...

So jealous that you have such a large group for your events. I just can't seem to get our group going to much larger than 3 or 4!

Esther said...

@Wandabvictorian No need to be jealous I'm afraid. Three or four Victorian events would be a luxury for us! At this moment we are only attending two Victorian events. The Belle Epoque picnic in Antwerpen and the Dickensfestijn in Deventer. And at both event not all of our members attended/will attend. If we are lucky there will be an extra event this year but at this moment that is still very uncertain.