Tuesday 27 May 2014

First event

Our first event this year Dag van het Park (Day of the Park)  at Capelle aan de IJssel was blessed with beautiful weather and the company of friends.

My son loves all, well most, creatures great and small.
So he was really happy when he got a chance to hold Pjort,
the little owl from Stephan and Diana from http://www.widoeghe.nl/

I spend most of the day nalebinding socks
 for my husband.

Ofcourse I was delighted when I got a chance to hold
Pjotr as well

Our next event will be an early medieval/viking event at whitsun in the Archeon. I am currently working on a new clothes for my son. He has grown quite a bit since the end of the re-enactment season, last year. And  is almost as tall as me now.

After the Archeon, Castle House Bergh will be next on our list!