Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Victory is mine!

Victory is mine! Here it finally is my first crocheted beanie. I ended up making it for myself instead of for my niece to be, but I don't mind.

I found the pattern here on Etsy, and it's really easy and fast. 

I also bought these big chunky bamboo crochet needles on Etsy. You can find them here, together with lots of other nice things. The leather name tags are not only sweet but also practical, they make the needles easier to work with

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Victorian reproduction purse

Lately I have been working on this victorian chatelaine purse. The silver purse frame is a family heirloom from around 1860. And the french jet bead appliques are vintage/antique.

The appliques needed to be restored to their former glory and that is exactly what I did, bead by bead.

I never knew how to make this type of purse, so I was very happy to find this helpful article about by Madame Mercantile.

Quite a while ago I promised you all a picture of me wearing my purple woollen 50's style dress. Yesterday we finally got around to taking a picture. 

It's not a great picture I was really tired and was having a bad headache when the picture was taken, but I didn't want to make you even longer.

After 2 or so, no kidding, failed attempts at making a babyhat with crochet. All hat turned out too big, I guess I still need to learn a lot, especially how to read the descriptions. I decided to make these nailbound and felted baby booties instead and finished them just in time to give them as a gift yesterday.

The pink wool has been dyed with cocheneal.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Vintage style birthday presents and other things.

I can't believe that is almost a month since my last post. I've been really busy with my two (still!) sick men and keeping our household running. Two weeks ago was my husbands birthday and I got him this nice antique silverplated pocketwatch from around 1919. It has a crack in the dial which is a pity but it runs nicely  and I like the simple and functional design.

My son gave him this really cool Edwardian compass watch fob.

And good friends and fellow victorian re-enactors: Mark, Wieze en Max gave him a watch chain. Needless to say that Remko was very happy.

In turn we bougth Max a vintage style birthday present as well.

A 1920's stick pin/tie pin with adorable glass cameo.

Just goes to show that Ebay and Etsy's are dangerous places to be.

I have done more that just spending money. I am still trying to learn how to crochet, the biggest problem for me is getting the edges of my work straight. This turned in to a case for my son his iPod. The idea is very popular at school but teaching crochet is harder dan I thougth.

I've also knitted a lacey spring scarf.