Friday 19 July 2019

Our Belle Epoque picnic at the Historical Festival at Museum House Doorn

Two weeks before our first Victorian event during summer I decided that I needed a summer outfit. What followed can only be described as a sewing and costuming frenzy, of the kind I had promised myself long ago never to do again. In my defense I have been working on getting my traveling outfit and my son his Belle Epoque summer costume done, which left me with little time to work on a proper summer outfit for myself. More details on the construction etc of the outfit will be described in an another blog post.

For now I'll just share the lovely pictures of the event.

You can find more photo's and the original colour photo's on our Facebook page:
and here is a link directly to the album but than you will be missing out on all the excellent photo's of others I have shared on the page.

The photo's on this blog have been edited using online editing software, which was easy and great fun. I thought it was a great way of seeing if we had achieved the desired effect/look and I must admit that I am quite pleased with the end result.