Monday, 11 June 2018

Vlaardingen 1018

This was by far the largest event we ever attended!
As the number or participants was also very large we got to see friends we hadn't seen
in a long time. So it felt like a reunion party and I had such a great time that I now
suffer from the post event blues.
Well at least we still have the photographs:

In a slightly different outfit than normal.
As the saying goes when in Rome do as the Romans.
When in Holland in the year 1018, dress as a Dutch lady from 1018.

Although we love my oak raven chair it is really heavy.
So my husband made a chair based upon the 11th century chair from Lund, Sweden.

My son working on a sheath for leather working tools.

Chatting with our neighbours.
Photo by Paul Meuldijk

Photo by Vlaardingen1018

Photo by Paul Meuldijk

Photo by Paul Meuldijk

Still from a video made by a reporter of the AD.