Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Necklace

The last weeks befor my sons summervacation are always quite hectic. It really feels like being on a riding train. With no way to get off and no stops untill the vacation. With most of my family-in-law having their birthdays in May. The feeling and reality of not having any time for ourselves starts then. So I am not getting any costuming done. As I can't sit entirly still without getting a frustrated. I am doing small projects like this necklace. It is made with beach shells, fresh water pearls and glass beads. Hopefully this summer necklace will entice the sun to come out and play. As we haven't seen her in quite a while.

Much like my son I am looking forward to the summer vacation. When we both finally have the time to do what we want.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Usually I don't buy dresses on ebay. But the H&M Bohemian Deluxe maxidress in my size was gone before I could even blink... So I made an exception and started to look on ebay. There I found one and bought it. Now, not only, I am stuck with a knock-off but it's also too small!
I can only get a refund for the fee off the dress (minus shipping)and I would have to send the dress back. The total amount of money that I lose. Is almost as much as the dress has cost.
The other option she gave me was exchange for another dress. This would mean pay shipping for the dress that I have. But all her dresses are too small!

Lesson learned, never buy dresses on Ebay....

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011


While looking at the pintucks on my Edwardian Shirtwaist pattern from Folkwear I feel a little heartsick. And I wonder does my Edwardian Shirtwaist really, I mean really need them? I messed them up the last time I tried and if I am honest. I don't think I've got the courage to try again. Pintucks are really specific for the period and I loooooovvvvveeee the way they look. But they are an awful lot of work and you have to be really really accurate to make it work. Uhm....

For those of you who can read Dutch or for those of you who like to look at our re-enactment picutures our new website is launched.
You can find it here You can find the pictures under the foto's tab.