Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

To those of you who wish to celebrate it; Happy Halloween.

Here in the Netherlands celebarating Halloween isn't widespread. We've been celebrating it for a few years now thanks to some American friends. For us it has become a tradition to spend the day with friends.

Morticia Addams was the inspiration for my costume and make-up. I finally ended up wearing the dress I had made for it. I couldn't come up with another plan. And after some ironing it didn't look so bad.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Paint it Black

I haven't blogged for a while but doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I've been working on several things, some more successful than others.

I've tried to sew a princess seam dress from a black stretch fabric. This was my second attempt ever to sew stretch fabric. And although I followed the instruction manual and asked other skilled seamstresses for advice. The seams still turned out slightly wrinkled. It was meant to be the base of my halloween costume but I won't use it. I'll use clothing items I have in my closet instead.

Testrun of my halloween make-up. Note to self don't try to make a picture while riding a broom ;-)

Another much easier job was making a wizards robe for my son. We didn't buy a pattern but my husband looked at some pictures and cut the fabric directly. I tried to buy a cheap fabric, because it is only a halloween costume. But came home with a black wool fabric. It turned out nice an warm. Which is important as we will be attending an outdoor Halloween event. Pictures will follow ofcourse.

During my autumn break we had a lot of friends coming to visit. One of them brougth me a gift I absolutely love, an black silk and lace victorian bodice/shirtwaist.

Thank you so very much, Mark! x

While browsing Ebay I stumbled upon a pair of black leather victorian reproduction ankleboots. Handmade at
Anello & Davide.

And ofcourse I couldn't resist.