Tuesday 26 January 2010

Ladies 1909 coat

While toying around in my mind with several ideas for medieval costumes, I deciced to work on a 1909 Edwardian coat. A few years ago I started to work on a Edwardian Walking Costume, but I never finished it because I wasn't completly satisfeid with how it was turning out.
At this moment I am making a mock-up version of the coat, with a pattern from the Rocking Horse farm # 909 Ladies Coat suit. If all goed well the mock-up might end up as the coats lining. I must Admit, I am not wildly enthousiatic about the pattern and would not reccomend it to any one. The sewing description is minimalistic and I think it is only suited for the experienced seamstress.
I intend to make the coat out of blue coat quality wool, which I bought at a thrift shop a couple of years ago together with the yellow fabric I am now using for the mock-up model. At first I wanted to make the coat suit out of bright red wool, but as I am currently quite broke and bright red wasn't common in the Edwardian age. I deciced to use the fabric I had available. The blue wool, mostly likely, isn't enough for a coat and skirt, so it won't technically be a suit.

Sunday 17 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Without expecting much I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but when I came out of the theater I had to admit that I actually liked it.

No, the costumes are not perfectly authentic, but it doesn't pretend to be a "costume" movie and considering that it is a hollywood/guy ritchie movie, it's not that bad! Rachel Adams, who plays Irene Adler, wears a corset underneath her lovely bustle gown. It is a shame that they made her wear so much modern looking femme fatale make-up. Probably to hide the fact that she is too young, inexperienced and sweet looking to play the femme fatale Irene.
The storyline, although not based upon a actual book by Conan Doyle, is entertaining. But if you are a big fan of the original books and charactgers you might be better of not going. Personally I found the approacht to Sherlock Holmes and his companions refreshing.

Friday 8 January 2010

Out with the old, bring in the new or new years resolutions

The start of a new year is always a good time to make up the balance, this was my To-Do-List for 2009.


* fix the hem of my white linen veil. Done!
* make a pair of hosen for my son Myrddin Done!.
* make thorsberg type trousers (without feet)of hand dyed wool,for Myrddin. Done!
* nalebind socks for Audrey Done!
* nalebind socks for Petra Done!
* put together a victorian style boys outfit for Myrddin Done!
* answer all my e-mail! Well ahum different subject please. "blushes"

I would like to:

* weave my own square shawl with natural dyed wool tried and failed.
* make a Burgundian Gown
* make a "horned" headdress for my houppelande dress
* make a smocked 13th/14th century apron
* make a early viking hairnet in sprang
* make a new viking tunic for myself with hand dyed wool (madder)Done!
* make a new viking apron with hand dyed wool (unionskins)Done!
* make a victorian corset cover for my 1885's costume Done!
* make a better victorian petticoat for my 1885's costume
* make a victorian ballgown bodice for my 1885's costume Done!
* make a late victorian hat Done!
* make a blue silk cotehardie with tippets

Overall I didn't do too bad! I finished all the necessary projects and managed to some of other things as well. Obviously my personal interest this year was mainly victorian, so I did a lot of the victorian project.

To-do-list 2010


* two pair of nalebound socks for Myrddin, this is a yearly recurring project.
* make a pair of hosen for Myrddin, this is also a yearly recurring project.
* dyed the pini (apron dress) of a friend, with a horrible modern chemical dye,the
fabric isn't suitable to dye with natural dyes.

I would like to

* Work on, not necessarily finish, my Edwardian Walking Costume project.
* make a "Burgundian" gown
* make a smocked 13th/14th century apron
* make additions for and to my 1880's bustle costume.
- adding ruffles to the hem of the skirt
- make a diner bodice
- make a new, style of, overskirt.
* gather information and ideas on how to make the early tudor/transition style dress I've been wanting to make for years.

I try to keep the plans and ideas for this year as realistic as possible. There are things in my personal live at this moment, that take a lot of my time and energy. Next to making costumes I have also an other hobby. Which is writing short stories, in Dutch, I publish them somewhere else on the internet.

My new years resolution for this year is: cleaning up and decluttering our house before starting a new costuming project. My household has three creative persons, who like to create things and cannot through anything away, in it. Our house is bursting at the seams, so it is time to through things away and if possible find new homes for others. This will mean selling some costuming patterns, costumes, books, jewellery and accessories. Just to make room in my house and in my head for new projects.

Sunday 3 January 2010

Exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam

Yesterday I went to the Hermitage in Amsterdam, to visit their current exhibition: At the Russian court, Palace and Protocol in the 19th century. I would certainly recommend this exhibition to anyone interested in nineteenth century costume and accessories, it will be on display untill the 31 of January this year.

A satin and silk gown made by Worth, dating to 1880-1890, worn by Maria Fjodorovna.

More images online.

Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year !

First of all, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

A couple of days ago I found an illustrated third edition, dating to 1890, of one of my favorite childerens books: Francis Burnett's, Little Lord Fauntleroy or in Dutch De Kleine Lord. I couldn't resist buying it, hopefully it will help coping with the withdrawal symptoms of not working on a costume ;-)