Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Striped Victorian trousers.

I love sewing historical costumes and I love my husband and my son but somehow these facts don't translate in me loving sewing victorian trousers. Be honest, trousers are boring compared to the nice sparkly ladies costumes! This year my son decided that he didn't want to be an urchin any more. He wants an nice suit. I got out out of sewing an entire suit by buying a, what I guess to be, a 1950's gentleman's wedding suit. Unfortunately the pair of trousers that came with it didn't fit. So I didn't get out of making him a pair. When my husband found out he sweetly reminded me that I promised him a new pair, like five years (or more...) ago!

The pair of trousers that I am currently working out started out as my husbands but they magically shrunk while I was working on them! I gues I messed up the measurement or forgot that I needed to add seam allowances. I'd better check what the problem is before I start working on the next pair! Both my men wanted a pair of striped trousers, because for them that is what belongs with a victorian suit. I thought it was worth checking if historically speaking that was true. Looking at what I found plain or plaid trousers were more in favour but there striped pants were worn as well.

1820's cossack trousers,

ça. 1840, The Met

1848 fashion plate 
Left pin stripes, middle wider stripes.

 Il Gionale dei Sarti September 1850 


1880's, RISD Museum

Fashion plate from Sartorial Arts Journal, 1891, 
Gladys Marcus Library, FIT

c. 1900 white cotton & blue pinstripe trousers

Althoug I only did a very superficial on the matter I did feel that after the 1860's examples became easier to find. Maybe they became more fashionable?

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Catwalk, historical fashion exhibition, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

 Historical fashion exhibitions seem to be in fashion. I'm not complaining but I am going broke! Still I don't want to miss a thing. Who knows how long it will take before there is another one. This time it was the Catwalk exhibition in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam that had my undivided attention.

Here a very small selection of my photograps:

Robe à la Française, c. 1765 - 1775

Mantua dress with train, c.1759 

Robe à la Française, c. 1765 -1775

Regency Full Evening Dress with train, 1802-1812, silk and gilt brass 

Ball dress of Blonde Lace, 1815-20, silk.

Regency Riding Habit, c. 1826, wool 

Oval Crinoline Day dress, 1863-66, cotton and silk.

Early Bustle day dress 1868-72 

Belle Epoque Dress 1894-95 

Edwardian Coat Suit, linen ca. 1903

Edwardian Wedding dress, 1902, silk and lace 

For much more eyecandy visit my facebook photoalbum.

I am currently working on two project. A small one, a linen 14th century  saint brigitta's coif and a pair of 19th century woollen trousers for my husband. Progress is very slow but at least I am doing creative stuff again!