Thursday 26 October 2017

Back(b)log; Fantastic Beasts Vest

In August I gave one of my younger sister two sewing lessons. It was my first time trying to trach some else how to sew. We both had a lot of fun and she really got the hang of it quickly and got addicted to sewing to boot! Finally someone in the family who understands my love of sewing!

Ever since I made my son a blue Victorian top coat inspired by the blue coat worn by Newt Scamander in Fantastic beasts last year. He's been asking for the matching vest. As I have less time to sew since I have been fortunately enough to find I job. I told him if he wanted it he would have to make it himself or at least help me out with it (a lot!). After seeing my sisters succesful sewing lessons he decided to take me up on it! I really didn't expect that! So this autumn break we got to work on it.

He has been working really hard and I am very proud of him! 

This was the stage when the project became to
life for him. All the work before this was kind a stupid and boring
but after this stage he really started to enjoy himself.

He really did most of the work himself, I only did some finishing touches. As this project was a kind of spur of the moment thing and I didn't want to risk my son losing his interest. We used fabrics, notions and buttons we already had, most of them I inherited from his great grandmother for his fathers side. This did mean we couldn't match the look of the original as closely as we would have wanted to.

The following pictures I have found on the internet. Unfortunately I can't find the original source anymore. I will add them as soon as I find them.

All things considering I think we did a decent job though!
It might be worth to mention that we used Butterick's B6502 pattern for the vest, with some modifications.