Thursday 24 December 2009

Pictures of Anton Pieck Parade uploaded ! And Merry Christmas

A good view of my late victorian hat.

The best picture I have of my long black victorian coat.

To see more go to our website:
A Victorian Wardrobe and click on Photoalbum

And some color versions on De Zwarte Zwaan website

Merry Christmas to All!

Sunday 13 December 2009

Anton Pieck Parade 2009

A couple of pictures of the Anton Pieck Parade of yesterday. It was really cold outside we where lucky enough to have a nice home for the day in Karco. They took excellent care of us. This was our son's first year and it was really hard to keep him entertained with the few authentic victorian toys for boys we could find. There was a lot of public, there were even two ladies from Belgium who came especially for this event. It made me feel very humble and I truly hope they had a good time. The long black victorian coat was finished just in time. It kept me nice and warm on the cold day. I hope to have more pictures on our websites soon. I'll keep you posted.

Friday 4 December 2009


I do not have a lot of time left for the 12th December and I didn't get much work done the last week. Due to my son his eight birthday and the preparations for Sinterklaas. On top of that I've been very tired.

The coat looks finished enough, with only the sleeves that still need to be set in. But as the coat has been flat lined, fashion fabric and quilted lining sown together, there are a lot of raw seams inside my coat. The fashion fabric frays terribly so all seams have to be covered with bias tape. Which is an awful lot of work as it needs to be done by hand in order not to show on the outside of the coat. Here is how the seams of the sleeves look inside out at this moment. I am still working on the black velvet cuffs.

I wasn't happy with my big 1902's black glass buttons and decided to use them for a Edwardian coat. So I bought seven victorian black glass 1.25 inch buttons on Ebay.

They probably aren't going to be here on time. I'll wait untill the last moment and then sewn on horrible plastic ones of similar size, so that I can wear the coat on the 12th December.

The back of the coat with, what the instructions called boxpleats, looks fine. I just followed the instructions, as usual with Truly Victorian they where clear and easy to follow.

All in all there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, before the coat is wearable and I am not sure that it will be finished on time....