Wednesday 22 June 2016

Dag van het Park/Day of the Parc, Capelle aan de IJssel &Saint Brigitta's coif

Dear readers I have a confession to make, sometimes I cheat. Even worse this time I got busted!

I had cut the linen for my St Brigitta's coif ages ago and the pattern had been laying around the house for even longer. It was one of these quick little projects that I intended to do somewhere inbetween but just didn't seem to get around to it. And than it re-enactment season started and I faced my first early medieval/viking event without having a project prepared! Not wanting to be stuck doing nalebinding for three days I decided to bring my Brigitta's coif project with me. I thought I would get away with it quite easily. I've seen people getting away with costume murder so to speak and the public loving and believing every minute of it.


To my very big surprise I didn't get away with it. I had know that some of my friends would notice but some of the visitors noticed as well! I would like to think that years of educating them seem to be paying of ;-). 

With my coif finished I decided to wear it to the next medieval event, which took place yesterday.

Normally I wear my late 14th century costume but this time I decided to wear my 13th century costume instead. I hadn't worn it in a really long time and with my body aching it was also a little more comfortable. Our display did end up looking quite anachronistic with the three of us all wearing a different era costume. I think it is time for a new set of matching era costumes for these kind of events. My 14th year old son refuses to wear late medieval clothing because he finds them uncomfortable and my husband has been wearing the same outfit for at least ten years. He deserves a new outfit. Now if I could only find the time!

My coif turned out a little too big. I guess I don't have enough hair. That is the reason why I wear it on my hairline like I usually wear my veil. It was the only way I could keep it from looking strangely puffy and slipping of my head.

It is usually worn like this:

image taken from the Maciejowski bible.

A little more on the middle of your head with a little hair showing. This is the look I love and would like to achieve. 

N.B. I started this blog on the 3oth of May, right after the event, but didn't get around to finish and publish it. Now with an another event coming soon I decided it was time to take the time to finish this blog first.