Wednesday, 24 June 2015

1880's Mourning Hat

When I wore my black Victorian bustle costume last December. I was asked a lot by the public if it was mourning costume, others just assumed it was. Although it is completly black it was not intended to be a mourning costume. If it had been I would have done more research into the etiquette of mourning dress. Also I wasn't in mourning at that moment.

This hat however is exactly what it looks like, a mourning hat. When I started working on it the only idea behind it was to make a hat for my black bustle costume. I stopped working on it when I found out that my mother was terminally ill and dying of cancer. This was also the reason why I stopped working on most, if not all, of my projects. My mother has passed away on the 11th of June and for me the best way to express and deal with my emotions always has been though my creativity. So making this mourning hat in her honor was kinda like therapy for me.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Day at the Park, Capelle aan de IJssel

The weather wasn't great but the public was very nice and it was wonderful to see some of our late medieval friends again. We do late medieval events way too little I am sad to say.

Audrey is handsewing. 
It's just one of the chores you "forget"
about during the winter.

Our son casting pewter while his
father was working on the soapstone molds

Me giving knitting in the round another try.

Peter doing some leatherworking