Friday 5 February 2016

Ode to Dutch Fashion/Ode aan de Nederlandse Mode

Being thoroughly fed up with working on the house and not doing any costuming related things. I decided it was time for a treat and went to the Ode to Dutch Fashion exhibit in the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag with a friend. Ode to Dutch Fashion features more than a hundred creations from the history of fashion in the Netherlands from 1900 to 2015 with some much older pieces. Although my main interest is historical fashion, which will become apparant when you see my pictures, I had a really great time.
I forgot to the photograph a lot of the information provided with the costumes. That is why it is missing under a lot of the pictures. Just enjoy and do a game of guess the era! ;-)

Silk dress 1826-1827

Silk dress 1850-1855

Female Jacket 
ca. 1770-1780
Chintz with linen lining

detail of quilted skirt.

 Corset, 18th century, silk, linen with boning
Skirt, 1750-1800, quilted silk

Jacket ca. 1800-1850
Wool damask, metal

Silk dress, Robe ajustée
ca. 1765-1775

Wool damask skirt 18th century

Dress and cape worn by Her Majesty Queen Maxima,
at the investiture of His Majesty King Willem Alexander,
30th of April 2013

(l) Silk cocktail ensemble by Maison Kuiper, Zeist, 1966
(r) Wool ensemble by Koos van den Akker, 1966

A very inspiring 1970's crochet dress.
Fun idea but I think I'll pass.

This is a contemporary design 
and I loved the Edwardian feel.

Looks good on me, doesn't it! ;-)

The museum also provided some costumes you could try on and ofcourse I couldn't resist a chance to play dress up.

It was a one size fits none dress and the bustle was way to low but trying it on was great fun.