Tuesday 2 October 2012

50's style blue dress

My blue 50's style dress is almost finished. I only need to adress a problem with the zipper. I still find it very hard to sew a zipper into a dress and it didn't turn out as good as wanted. Hopefully my husband can solve the problem by hand. The other option is taking the zipper out and trying again.
For the rest I am really pleased with the end result. And as I found out yesterday, while showing the dress to my husband. The dress looks even better with 50's style underwear. My What Katie Did Merry Widow corselet does wonders!

And I hope to turn this earlier version of the top, I made a lot of them before I had the right fit, into a bra.

The pattern I used for the top is from Mrs Depew Vintage, you can find the shop on Etsy.
I think I am going to give one of her 50's bra patterns a try. But first I got to work on my victorian project.