Tuesday 30 October 2018

Salon de la Societe Raffinee at Castle Oud-Poelgeest

I had been looking forward to this Soiree since January this year and it did not dissapoint. The Castle was beautiful, the atmosphere was magical and the other guest inspiring! Due to privacy laws I do not want to share the photographs with others in them but check out these photo album on Facebook if you want to get a good idea of the evening :

Salon de la Societe raffinee second edition, photographs by Martijn van Huffelen

Salon de la Societe raffinee second edition Fred lo Cascio

ILike some of you might know I had been not only looking forward to this event since January but also preparing for it since January. So I am extremely happy to finally show you the end result!

Overall I am really happy with the end result although there is a fitting issue with the bodice I would like to correct.

All my inspiration gowns where off-shoulder evening gowns and I made mine so that it would lay on my shoulder. I really hate off-shoulder dresses and I need the bodice to work for a day time event coming up soon. I guess I didn't alter the pattern pieces enough to really make it work. 

I don't have enough time until the next event to take the bodice apart and make the changes. So for I will focus on making a chemisette to fill in the neckline and a pair of sleeves appropriate for daytime. Maybe after I finish that and there is enough time left  I'll make a red velvet bolero jacket and wear the skirt with a white lace blouse and jacket instead.