Monday, 30 January 2012

Current projects & Facebook Page

The 1950's disaster project, a pair of pink silk knickers, remained faithfull to it's name. When it was nearly finished I found out that it was just a little bit too small. I gained some weight during the holiday season and I haven't been able to lose it. The problem can be fixed by letting the knickers out. Which is a lot of work and I'd rather lose the weight.

To get over the frustration I started an other project. The fabric is a red taffeta with black velvet polkadot. The dress is already nicknamed by my loving husband and son to the Ladybug Dress. The pattern is B 5556 from the Butterick retro line. The original pattern is from 1955.

I think it will be a terrific party dress. All I need when it's finished, is a party to wear it to...

For those of you who'd like to follow me and my projects closer, please feel free to follow me on Facebook. The name of the page is the same as the name of my blog; Costume Diaries. I hope to see you there soon!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1950's Disaster project.

Ever started a sewing project that should be quick and easy to do. Which turned out to be a nightmare? Historical costumes and vintage (style) clothing look more authentic when the correct underwear is worn. So I decided to make a pair of silk nickers from the 1950's. I already owned a 1950's slip and knickers pattern. And had worked on a mock-up model, decided that the pattern needed to be altered. And put the whole idea aside for later.

With new inspiration in the shape of my What Katie Did lingerie. I decided to start working with it again. I made the pattern pieces a little bit shorter and made another mock-up model. Although I encountered some problems, I decided to go ahead and start working on the real thing. It's going to be soft pink silk, with black satin decorations. I am quite sure that it is going to be lovely when it is finished. It looks promising so far. But the project has been a disaster from the start. I really dislike working with silk this thin, just because it is so slippery. And so may little (and some big) things have gone wrong and I have made so many mistakes. That I am completly frustrated at this moment with myself and with the project.

So I think it is time to put it aside for yet another day and to take a shower to clear my head. Progress on this small project is slow, but eventually it will be finished.

I hope....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I managed to finish this dress just in time for New Year's Eve. I started working on it in April 2011 but didn't have enough time to finish it for the 95th birthday of my husbands grandmother. The unfinished dress ended up on a shelf in my fabric closet.
I wanted to finish it before Christmas. But got the flu and bought a dress the day before Christmas instead. One of my friends dared me to finish it and demanded proof. So here it it!
The dress is an altered version of Simplicity pattern 3673.

I made a combination between version A and C and took out the darts. I tried sewing in the darts two times but both times the end result didn't please me. Running out of time I decided to take them out. If I would make this dress again, I would leave them in. Because it probably would be more flattering.
I keep falling in love with the 1950's style more and more. I have been saving money and ordered some What Katie Did Lingerie to go with my growing 1950's style wardrobe.

Up next will be the jacket of BUTTERICK #B5214 and the RETRO 1955 BUTTERICK #5556 dress.

But I also have to start working on next years re-enactment costumes and often they have more priority. My son has outgrown most of his costumes.