Monday 28 May 2018

Day at the Parc, Capelle aan de IJssel.

We've been going to this event since 2010. 
It's always well organized and it's a great way to meet some of our late medieval friends.
Most of them we only see here, so I always look forward to it.

fingerloop braiding.

Learning to spin on a drop spindle; discussing the technique
(photo Jan Trouwborst)

Learning to spin on a drop spindle; actual action!

Monday 21 May 2018

Viking/Early Medieval, Whitsun Market at Archeon

Again we had a great time at the Whitsun Market at the Archeon. 
Here I am working on a linen undertunic for a next event in June
and my son is relaxing after a long week at school. 

My husband his woodcarving always attracts a lot of attention.
After all those years it's still a form of magic to me,
 to see those figurines appear out of blocks of wood.

Finally a photo with the three of us in it!
The fire pit was from the museum but we were very grateful for it in the evenings.

A chip of the old block. my son woodcarving an arrow display stand.
(yes, proud mom speaking here)

Ofcourse a weekend at the Archeon isn't complete

without us taking up the bow and arrow.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Stuck somewhere between the 1890's, 1920's en 1018!

You probably all know this meme... (or a variation off it)

Being a self proclaimed costume addict this is true for most, if not all, of the time! Usually I don't mind but this time all three of the projects have deadlines around the same time and my every day life is kinda full, even without the costuming! 

Here is the overview:

I am still working on the Belle Epoque Evening dress, which is due in October this year. I already have given up the idea of making a day bodice to go with it , which would have been due December this year. The evening ensemble is almost finished, it just needs two hook and eyes and decoration.

I think I'm going with a version of the left version because frankly the lace option has been out voted by a good costuming friend, my husband and my son! And to be honest I wasn't too sure about it myself otherwise I wouldn't have asked them.

My husband and I will be attending a 1920's Downton Abbey garden party themed wedding. The bride and groom are both re-enactors so I don't think I will get away with converted thrift store finds or rental costumes. A dress and a suit for my husband, due this September.

Last but not least, we've have been wanting non-Scandinavian early medieval clothing for quite a while. This year we will be attending the Vlaardingen 1018 event, a commemoration of the battle at the dutch town of Vlaardingen in 1018, in June...

Commence costume stress!