Tuesday 26 May 2015

Viking market and the Rangers Apprentice Days at the Archeon.

Due to circumstances my husband and I weren't looking forward to our first event of the year. We even thought of not going but our son really wanted to go. So ofcourse we went!
Not much kids his age still voluntarily join their parents in the weird hobby living history basically is. So if the brat wants to go and it is humanily possible, you go. End of discussion (for us that is).

Our decision to go was blessed with great weather and the company of our wonderful friends. I ended up being really happy we went.

Our kids playing with the wooden canoes after closing,
one of the reasons our son loves to go so much!

Keeping an eye on the kids.

Even doing chores is fun here.

And yes even I agree with that..
Here I am nalebinding yet another pair of socks
because my son has outgrown all of his.

But the very best thing of this event was...

Meeting the author of the Ranger's Apprentice
and Brotherband and getting an autograph 
in a his lastest book.
Mr. Flanagan turned out to be not only a wonderful writer
but also a very nice person. 

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Projects on hold

I am still working on various project, here is an update on some of them.

The 1840's - 1860's coat project is on hold. The sceond mock-up model I made showed that I still needed a lot of changes to the pattern to make it work. I am putting aside for now.

The 1880's hat has been finished and I have found some really nice hat decorations, some antique, some new. 
Hat decoration front idea

Hat decoration back idea

Nevertheless the hat still hasn't been decorated ! I still have to make a decorative band before I can sew on the rest of the decorations. The problem is that I am not fully satisfied with the hat. It sit on top of my head, which is the way they where worn in the 1880's, but I really really dislike the feeling. So the my internal debate is now: authenticity vs comfort. Also I would like the crown a little higher and the brim a little wider. Maybe it would be best to make a new hat and consider this a mock-up version but with no money for supplies this means this project is also on hold for now.

For now I have decided to concentrate on making things I need on a short notice. My son needs a new pair of nalebound viking socks as he has outgrown his old pairs. We already made him a new linen undertunic. The rest of his viking costume just needs to be let out.

And I want to make myself a new summerdress Burda #7179

I have traced the pattern on to paper weeks ago but only got around to shortening it today. Due to lack of time and energy progress is slow but it's still better than doing nothing at all I guess.

A while ago we went to the international collectors fair in Utrecht. We have been going there for the last 15 years and to our great sadness it keeps getting smaller every year. It has become so bad that we have decided not to go anymore, it's simply not worth the high entrance fee. Still there where some nice items, so I made some pictures for you to enjoy.

I've been kinda down lately so one of my sisters gave me a very early birthday present to cheer me up. It's the blue version of the Sheila apple daisy print dress by Hell Bunny. I wore it to the wedding of one of my husbands cousins last friday. Thanks Sis!

As you can see I messed up the settings of the photo camera but it gives the photo a vintage feel, don't you agree?