Thursday 31 December 2015

Big Project

Over the years I have shared with you many stories about my costume and crafts projects. I haven't done anything costume or textile craft related since October and here is why. On the 30th of October we got the keys to our new house a fixer-upper in definite need of a whole lot of TLC.

I started packing our stuff at the end of September because there is simply a whole lot of it. We lost count somewhere around 150 boxes. Would you expect anything else with three creative people?

Since then I have been removing wall paper, painting walls, cleaning up etc etc..
Amidst all the moving chaos we also celebrated our son his 14th birthday with the family members who where there that day.

The boxes with our Victorian stuff we kept separate from the rest because we had a Victorian themed event on the 13th of December.

The living room was kinda tidy and done for Christmas but we didn't decorate it with lots of Christmas decorations like we usually do. 

Today my husband baked Dutch traditional treats for New Years Eve.  Oliebollen (sort of round doughnuts with pieces of apple and raisins) and a appelbeignets (slices of apple fried in sweet dough).

We wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve and a Happy 2016!