Thursday, 28 January 2016


Slowly our new house is becoming a home. There is an awful lot to do; cleaning, unpacking, creating storage space for all our stuff. We found out that we actually have more re-eantment related things than "normal"things!
The sewing I do these days is not too exciting. Although I find it quite hard actually to sew curtains! Cutting straight lines is much harder that cutting pattern pieces. We bought window sheers at IKEA that only needed to be made shorter. It would have been cheaper to buy fabric but I liked these Borghild window sheers so much!

The small wooden outhouse holds all my natural dyes stuff.
I finally have my own garden to work in.

The curtains are made of petrol velvet and are same curtains we used in our last house.  Fortunately we only had to alter them a little.

Although I have my own vintage/antique sewing table in the living room I still work on the dining table. The table is too small and we'll have to get creative to make it larger without damaging it.

On the table three original 19th century fashion plates 
from my favorite era's and a Belle Epoque style lamp. 

A lot of women dream of walk in closets now I finally have one, Not for my everyday clothes ofcourse but for our costumes and accessories. Although some modern pieces have found a temporary spot there as well.

In the back are my boxes with patterns and on the other side of the room are two closets for my fabrics and yarns.

The attic is still a really big pile of boxes! It will be a challenge to locate everything before the re-enactment seasons starts.