Friday 23 November 2018

From Night to Day

With the wonderful soirée over and done. It became time to direct my attention to turning my Belle Epoque evening outfit into suitable daywear for the next event.

I started of by making the top of Angela Clayton's McCalls #7732 pattern.

I would have like to make the jacket as well. As I am not really happy with the fit and look of my green velvet bodice. For now I'll try some quick (and modern) fixes and hope that it will these will do the trick.

The top; the base or lining fabric is cotton organdy, the top fabric swiss dot netting and the waistband silk.

As this was not dressed it enough, I added sleeves turning the top into an underbodice or underblouse. I cut of the ties at the bottom and added an extra set of hooks and eyes.

Then I turned my attention to my headwear, however lovely my tiara might be. It doesn't seem to be regarded a proper headwear for daytime. I think that should be because I think their absolutely fabulous! With no time to make a completly new hat I decided to redecorate on of my old hats. Which is coincidentally also a very "period" solution. I am quite pleased with the result.

With the deadline in only two weeks I've decided to also wear one of my old coats and start working on the jacket next January. This in an effort to keep my stress levels beareble not only for myself but also for those around me! 

Thursday 1 November 2018

Gibson Girl hair and make-up

Here are two better vieuws of my attempt at a Gibson Girl hairdo. It took some practise and a whole lot of hair helpers but I was quite pleased with the end result! Although it does look wierd with everyday clothing. 

As a proper Victorian Lady I didn't use any make-up just some products to enhance my natural beauty. 

These are the things a Victorian lady might have used:
(left to right) ?, burned cloves for my brows, pearl powder as foundation and kajal.

Ofcourse I am way to vain to go to a posh party without any make-up, 
so I did use these. I just tried to keep it light and natural looking.
Face powder, concealer and mascara.