Friday, 1 July 2016

IJsselfestival Zutphen

Summer hasn't arrived yet in the Netherlands. What we have at the moment is better described as the rainy or monsoon season. Considering this, the wetter on at the IJsselfestival wasn't too bad. We had some rain but it didn't rain all day and it wasn't the type of rain where you feel like the sky is falling down. Something we had a few days prior to this event. Big bonus, we could still walk around without our feet sinking into the mud. So we actually had a good day. If the weather stays bad for longer periods of time you just lower your expectations! Although I am quite fed up.
The weather forecast was one of the reasons why our son didn't join us. It's the end of the school year and he was studying for some final tests of the year. It did pay off, some of his grades are back and they are pretty good. We where fortunate to have friends of another sibbe join us for the day and across the field there was another sibbe of good friends. So we weren't lonely!

Time for some photographic evidence!

Our banner.

My husbands wood carving always attracks a lot of attention.

As does arrow making!

Ofcourse both ladies were nalebinding. 

I have a pair of socks that I have to finish!

Preparing meals was a important part of daily life 
and the public always loves to see it. 
This is why I'v started to prepare authentic meals at events.
I'm still very much a beginner but I do enjoy it.

I wasn't too fond of the taste of the dish I prepared but the others liked it and I came down with some stupid virus that evening. So that is probably the reason why I didn't like it. Still I would be nice to have more recipes, currently I am using the Viking Cookbook which is nice.

An early meal sounds really nice as well but it is quite expensive. Do any of you have it and what is your experience with it? 

It;s sold out in a lot of place but it's still available at: (The Netherlands)