Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Making a pillowcase

My (almost) ten year old son wanted to sew his own pillow. And I couldn't resist making a lot of pictures and sharing them with you. When I was about ten I sewed my first skirt. Funny how history repeats itself...

Cutting the fabric.

Ironing with a steam iron is a tricky business.

Pinning the fabric


Stuffing the pillow case.


Do I really think he will follow in my costuming shoes? No, he is more a
technical kind a guy.

Figuring out how the sewingmachine works....


Dear readers I hope you all can forgive me for acting like a proud mum ;-)
My Edwardian Underbust Corset pictures, I'll post the pictures later this week.


Cathy Raymond said...

I think that it's wonderful that he wanted to make the pillowcase for himself, and you could show him how to do it right. Children should experiment with doing different types of tasks. It's a great way for them to develop judgment about the value of labor and of goods, and to decide what they really want to do in life.

Esther said...

My son is a little explorer and good with his hands. Add to that we like do things together. So it's not punishment to do crafts together. He was so proud when it was finished. That is great to watch!