Thursday, 17 March 2011

Edwardian Combination Underwear Progress Update

My Edwardian Combination Underwear Camisole with drawers is almost finished. I only have to sew buttonholes, add buttons and change the dark blue ribbon for a lighter blue. To match the color in the decoration and the ribbon used for the neckline and armholes. I am thinking about adding an application or embriodery to the camisole. The pattern has a lovely and simple pattern for it.

If I would make this garment again I would use a lighter and thinner cotton fabric. To improve the drape and the "dainty" effect. The period examples I usually find in the Netherlands are made from the same type of white cotton fabric that I have used. While it is practical because of it's strength and durability. It doesn't have the Edwardian charme that I love so much. But the stiffness of the fabric will improve with wash and wear. When I started planning this garment I couldn't find the muslin cotton fabric that I wanted, but a while ago I found a affordable Dutch supplier!


The Dreamstress said...

Cute! I've seen both the durable and the pretty in museums here in NZ - I'm sure its the same as the difference between our really fancy undies now, and the practical ones we wear to go running in!

Anonymous said...


I have just discovered your blog and I love it. You must spend a lot of time searching, sewing and blogging.
Do you have many opportunities to wear your clothes?
My parents have kept many old clothes and handbags. They also have wonderful very old books about fashion around 1890 and I am always delighted to look at these treasures.
I do understand your passion.

Esther said...

Hello Dreamstress,

I've decided that this will be my practical set, but that I will make a fancy set in time as well.


Thank you for reading along and leaving a comment. It 's nice to hear that someone understands and shares my passion.
I only wear a victorian costume once a year. Which is a shame really, because I love to wear them. My vintage '50 style clothing I wear whenever I feel like it. My viking and medieval costumes I wear to events.
I love doing research and sewing my costumes. My blog started out as a dairy fo myself. Just to be able to keep track of all the different things I do and all the information that I find. And I am very happy that so many find it useful as well.

Celeste said...

Hello. You did a wonderful job on these. Can you tell me where you got the trim? I want to make these, have the pattern and fabric, but no trim yet. I'd love do do something like you did. Thanks so much, Celeste

Esther said...

Hello Celeste,

I wish I could help you but I bought the trim ages ago on a local fabrics and supplies market here in the Netherlands.
I always struggle to find suitable trims too.

Celeste said...

Well, thank you anyway. I hope I can find something as pretty. Did you find the pattern fairly easy to work with?


Esther said...

At first I felt overwhelmed by the instructions. But as I went to read them step by step it was very clear what I should do.

Happy sewing!