Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Progress on the purple Edwardian Skirt & letting out

The pictures don't do the skirt justice, but I couldn't wait to show the progress I made. I still need to sew in the snap button closure, in the back, and it needs to be hemmed.



Back detail, inverted pleat.

This week I probably won't have time to work on it, as coming weekend we go to the
vikingmarket at the Archeon. I am happy that I made my sons costume with large seams last year. I let them all out this weekend, and I didn't have to make him a new costume! It fun to see how much he has grown...

Even after pressing with a hot steam iron the let out seems did stay visible especially on his linen tunic and trousers. It's a pity, but I am still really happy not having to make a new vikingcostume at this moment


FashionK said...

Can't wait to see the whole outfit finished!!! This must be the season for Edwardian wear! I have a few friends and know of other bloggers attending Edwardian events soon. Really love the vest too!

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog. Oh such beautiful costumes that you make!! I love vintage and historical fashion. I make them for 11.5" and 16" dolls. I also knit socks. I look forward to reading your blog often.

Esther said...


Edwardian costume seems to be the Fashion right now. To be honest I don't even have a event to wear it to. But I'll think of something, when it's finished. ;-)

Thnak you for your compliments'! And it's nice to know that you are reading here.