Monday, 31 May 2010

Day of the Park/Dag van het park, Capelle aan de IJssel

The best description of this medieval event is, WET! Which was a real shame, as the organisation put a lot of effort into making it a big succes.

Lucky enough for us, it didn't rain when we had to set up our camp.

Here a picture to show off my son his 15th century outfit, with the undertunic I had made the day before. He liked this costume so much, that for the biggest part of the day, he flatly refused to wear his warm overtunic.

There where a lot of familiar and friendly faces, so the atmosphere was good. While waiting for the weather to clear and the public to come. We all huddled around the fire with our neighbours and talked about events passed. Ofcourse there where a lot of the (in)famous no-shit-there-I-was-stories.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, could keep this lovely young lady from bringing us food. Having a full stomache always lifts the spirits. My son especially loved the pancakes with jam and the meatballs.

Ofcourse we where doing our crafts.

Audrey was sewing

Peter showed off his nice sharp,pointy things...

Remko was casting pewter

I was dyeing silk scarfs with Campeche wood and continued nalebinding my son's socks.

When it was dry, the childeren tested my son's gambeson. But they also enjoyed watching the juggler, the fighting practice and the jousting tournament.

No, the little princess is not concerned for one of the boys. She is waiting for her turn!

It was pouring, when we had break up camp. And I can't remember ever having been finished this quickly!


Julie said...

Great blog...the event looked like a lot of fun!!


Esther said...

Hi Julie, Thank you for your reaction.

Indeed it was a lot of fun, even with the bad weather. The living history community is not very big in the Netherlands so most of us know each other. This makes events social events as well.

Love your blog btw!