Saturday, 29 May 2010

Help, I've created a costume monster!

After making and finishing costumes at the last minute for years. I promised myself never to make a last-minute-costume again. Up untill now I've managed to keep my promise most of the time. (Okay, that is not counting the long black victorian coat that had to be finished the night before, last December.)

Today, I was faced with a big dilemma...

After refusing to fit his medieval costume for days. I finally (nearly) twisted my son his arm and he tried on his costume. This 15th century costume, was a gift from a friend who's son had outgrown it a long time ago. He's a handsome 18 year old lad by now, but just like me, she can't stand to throw any of his costumes away. She was kind enough to donate, some of his costumes, to us. I intended my son to wear this costume with the natural colored linnen tunic, he usually wears. But when he had it on, it looked wrong. I thougth so, he thought so. So I took out the worn out white undertunic that belonged with the costume (BIG Mistake!) just to try it on. And he looked gorgeous. I thougth so, he thought so. He turned on his big brown puppy eyes and smiled at me....

And at that instant, I knew I was lost!

Mum, I really like this shirt better, he said.
But it's worn out, I said.
*Even bigger puppy eyes*
Yes, it is. But could you make an new white linnen one for me? Pleaaasssseee?*blink, blink, pout*

It's really hard, or better impossible, for me to say No, to my son. Who likes nice costumes, just as much as I do.

So now, this mum is sewing a new white 15th century undertunic (the fabric btw was for my new undertunic) and making some small repairs to the, really cool, 15th century outfit.

Hopefully it will be finished in time! To be continued...

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Fanny said...

Haha, wonderful! =)