Friday, 2 January 2009

The Oh-Dear-Refresh-My-Memory-Hat finished and My To- do-list for 2009

Apart from the very simple scarf I finished not to lang ago, I haven't knitted for over at least twenty years. Today I finished this really simple winterhat with rolled brim, which was only slightly more complicated that the scarf. I decided to make this hat because I wanted to make an clothing item with my hand dyed wool which could be worn in modern live, without raising any eyebrows. The description called for bulky yarn (ca. 80m/100 gr) and thick knitting needles, size 15!.
The yarn has been dyed with Fernambuk and is 100m/100gr. Eventhough it was really simple, a one night project they called it in the description, I did have to look at the how-to-manuals in the book to jog my memory.



* fix the hem of my white linen veil
* make hosen for my son Myrddin
* make thorsberg type trousers (without feet)of hand dyed wool,for Myrddin
* nalebind socks for Audrey
* nalebind socks for Petra
* put together a victorian style boys outfit for Myrddin
* answer all my e-mail!

I would like to:

* weave my own square shawl with natural dyed wool
* make a Burgundian Gown
* make a "horned" headdress for my houppelande dress
* make a smocked 13th/14th century apron (nicknamed by me the Lutrell apron)
* make a early viking hairnet in sprang
* make a new viking tunic for myself with hand dyed wool (madder)
* make a new viking apron with hand dyed wool (unionskins)
* make a victorian corset cover for my 1885's costume
* make a better victorian petticoat for my 1885's costume
* make a victorian ballgown bodice for my 1885's costume
* make a late victorian hat
* make a blue silk cotehardie with tippets

Ofcourse the to do list won't necessarily be done in this order and I'll probably think of a zillion things more during the coming year ;-)

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