Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tape woven garters

I finally finished my tape woven garters today. I still learning how to weave, so it has it's flaws, but never the less I am really proud!

As, almost, always the wool is dyed with natural dyes, the brick red is done with madder, the orange with union skins and the yellow with weld.


GrĂ¡inne Ferguson said...

Wow. I am impressed - I have always wanted to learn. Where did the buckles come from? They look great.

Marije said...

Hi GrĂ¡inne ,

Thanks for the compliment!
Tape weaving is actually a lot simpler than tabletweaving/card weaving. It is very similar to normal weaving.
The buckles I bought at the yearly vikingmarket in het Archeon,, last year.