Monday, 26 January 2009

Laughing Moon pattern

I just now remember why I really do'n't like Laughing Moon patterns! The paper is really really thin and tears easily, it is folded in way that is impossible to repeat, the paper has crease all over which makes it hard to race on to pattern paper. The paper is brown and the pattern is light grey, so it not visible thru pattern paper ! AAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHH !!!!! Not to mention that some of their directions have errors.
I just spend an hour tracing the pattern with a black marker to make it visible.

I'd much rather work with Truly Victorian patterns, nice thick white paper, clear and strong black lines and good sewing directions. Unfortunately they didn't have this costume piece in their collection of patterns, so I am stuck with LM.

Current Mood: Tired and Unhappy!

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