Monday, 29 December 2008

Baby it's cold outside

There are a lot of things that I ought to be doing right now, like answering my email, instead of doings those things, I get sucked into prjoects that I have been wanting to do for a long time but never have time for during the re-enacment season.
Here one of them, socks in the style of Klas-Brita, from a description in Larry Schmidts Lots of Socks. The description, especially the beginning took some time figuring out, but that's probably because English is not my native languauge.

The socks are made with bulky and super bulky wool, the stitch is the Oslo stitch, and took two evenings and some time during the day to complete. The blue wool is woad dyed and purchased at Hedeby Viking market, the white wool is bought from friends, and the red (madder) and fuchsia pink (cochenille) I dyed myself and was purchased in Denmark while at a viking market in Moesgard, (Muddgard that year!)
I am not complety happy with how the socks turned out, don't exactly know why, may it is the model, maybe the color scheme or that the brilljant idea I had while making them seems much nicer, will be continued...

On another note I am finally working on my husbands website, the one I promised to make him about a year ago but never got around to, and it's almost finished! Will also be continued...

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