Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mit nadel und faden

Mit Nadel und Faden,Kulturgeschichte der klassischen Handarbeiten. Written by Marianne Stradal & Ulrike Brommer. Published by Verlag Herder, Freiburd und Heidenheimer Verlaganstalt 1990. ISBN 3-451-21608-6.

A great book for anyone into (historical) textile crafts, it has information about the historical background of embroidery, knitting and crochet. It's in German which makes it a little bit harder to read for me especially the more technical words. The info on knitting is a little bit dated as it says that the so called Coptic socks are knitted. A few years ago Dorothy Burnham, author of Cut my Cote and Warp and Weft, proved that these sock are actually made with nalbinding.(ref. p 31, A History of Hand Knitting written by Richard Rutt.) And the "knitted" pouch on page 142 is probably made with nalbinding as well. Aside from these flaws due to it's ages, it still has a lot of valuable information and great pictures of historical textiles.

For more information on nalbinding and knitting I strongly recommend; A History of Hand Knitting written by Richard Rutt. Reprinted by Interweave Press. ISBN 1-931499-37-3.

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