Friday, 9 July 2010

A Slower Pace

It is tropical warm here, in the Netherlands, at this moment, and it has been so for days, almost weeks. Costuming, like my daily live, is going at a much slower pace.

The hem on my Edwardian skirt has been done. I only need to make and sew on the three strips of decorative fabric on the bottom of the dress. Like on the original they are not going to be gathered or pleated, just smooth strips. At this moment I have no clue on how to make them fit and lie perfectly flat. That is going to be a challenge.

Meanwhile, I've purchased the blonde bombshell pattern by Folkwear.

For those who are not fimiliar with it, it is a 1950's style halter dress. Much like the one Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie Seven years Itch.

We will be attending Castlefest as visitors, a medieval/fantasy event, on the 8th of August. And since my hair has been cut, my husband has been teasing me that I remind him of Marilyn Monroe. I personally think that his imagination is running wild from the heat, but I also think it is kind of sweet...

So when the subject of what outfit/costume to wear to castlefest. He dared me to make the (in)famous halterdress. Being a brunette and not to fond of white clothing, I decided that I am going to make it in red. That is so much more my color!

Although, I am no Marilyn Monroe or Kelly LeBrock...

I hope the end result will be pleasing... ;-)and I'll make sure to stay away from fans and subways!

But at least I am sure of one fan, my husband!

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