Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Edwardian Walking Skirt Finished

Making and sewing the silk strips on the fabric took almost as much time as sewing the entire skirt! Next time I would cut the strips on the bias of the fabric, but this time I didn't have enough, of the quite expensive, aubergine/prune colored duponi silk, to do that.

With this finished, it is now time to start working on the red 1950's halter dress. The rest of this walking costume, the coat, blouse, hat and underwear, will have to wait a little while.


Mme Sisi RĂ©narde said...

So beautiful!!!

Esther said...

Thank you for the compliment Mme Sisi ! To be honest the skirt, especially the decorative strips of fabric, has some flaws. At this moment I have no clue on how to correct the problems and no time to think about it. The deadline on my 1950's dress in coming close so I need to get working on that.