Monday, 28 June 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I have just been graciously granted the Versatile Blogger Award by Lady FashionK of Fashions of Time. Thank you so much. I've been smiling all day!

Now that I have recieved this award I must tell seven things about myself and post a list of my five Versatile Blogger Award Winners!

7 things about me:

1. I am a, soon to be, 36 years old, stay-at-home-mum of an 8,5 years old son and I live in the Netherlands.

2. Like most people who make costumes we have a cat. No costume is ever complete without cat hair! She is black, with some white spots, and her name is Tinkerbell. We also have a rabbit named Snuffy.

3. I have ADHD and fibromyalgia.

4. I not only make costumes but also write short stories and poems. I also love Photography.

5. I started this hobby in Society for Creative Anachronism as a member of the Dutch branch, Polderslot. My brother-in-law and his wife are still members there.

6. Our first event was in October 1997 and the dress I wore was not made by me, but by my mum! My husband and I where both hooked immediatly and that is when I started sewing and making historical costumes.

7. Our first re-enactment event was in November 2003 at Brederode it was called Middeleeuwse Toestanden. It marked the start of our Living History Group De Zwarte Zwaan (The Black Swan)

An my 5 Versatile Blogger Awards go to...:

Bad Dreams Good Nightmares I really love, love, love Scott Altman's art. He truly brings magic to live.

Living Dutchly
A American living in the Netherlands describing his daily live here. His stories often make me laugh !

And ofcourse some costuming blogs only three awards remaining. That is going to be a bit of a problem. There are so many great blogs out there!

Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog
Catherine Raymond also manages to dig up great information about archeological finds and facts. She also makes really great early costumes!

The Dreamstress In one word, WoW! If you are not familiar with her blog, check it out and see for yourself.

Wilhelmina's Antique Fashion
Always posting pictures and information about historical fashion.


Cathy Raymond said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award! (And thank you for the compliment.)

Cathy Raymond said...

I'm glad you mentioned The Dreamstress; it is a wonderful blog, though her main costume interests differ greatly from mine.

I followed your links back and understand that I now need to pass on the torch; I will do so tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Esther said...

Hey Cathy, it would be great if you would pass on the torch! (It will be interesting to read and check out your links) As long as you don't feel obligated. I usually don't do these kind of things, but I thought this one was nice. As I could give my compliments to some of my fellow bloggers who deserve them so much.

Harma said...

Hallo Esther
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Jouw kaart is onderweg, maar omdat ik hem pas gisteren gekocht heb, komt-ie wel wat te laat. Dinsdag dus.