Saturday, 19 June 2010

Edwardian Corselette ready

Today I finished my Edwardian Corselette!

Detail of the embriodery on it.

The Corselette worn over the, unfinished, skirt.

The original skirt and skirtwaist.

The waistband of the skirt turned out 8 cm to wide, if I want to fit the skirt into the smaller waistband neatly, it also has to be taken in. This probably will have to wait. As I want to finish the grey diamond twill linen viking undertunic that I also have been working on before next weekend. Because than we will attend a viking event in Wijk bij Duurstede, in viking times known as Dorestad.


Cathy Raymond said...

Very nice! I can see why you selected that outfit to reproduce; that shade of purple is lovely. Are you going to make a hat to wear with it?

Jennifer said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! What wonderful work. I think this is my favorite time-period in fashion. I love anything from early 20th Century. Have you ever seen the BBC TV programme "Upstairs/Downstairs"? I am currently watching the set of DVDs and making sketches of the fashions.

Esther said...

@Cathy I admit, I fell in love with the combination of the color and the style. This costume will indeed include a big Edwardian hat. But I will take some time before I can work on it. Next stop will be finishing my linnen viking tunic, nothing special construction wise but I love the fabric.

@Jennifer, I saw Upstars/Downstairs when I was a lot younger. I remember I loved the costumes then. I'll try and find images on-line, thx for the tip!

elma said...

Wat mooi! En de kleuren zijn ook mijn kleuren.. Wanneer ga je m dragen? Succes met je tuniek, hoop dat je m afkrijgt deze week. Heel veel plezier komend weekend.

Esther said...

Hoi Elma,

Het idee was om dit kostuum naar Castlefest te dragen, maar ik ga het niet afkrijgen voor die tijd. Nu denk ik aan de Anton PieckParade in Haarlem volgend jaar. Dit jaar wil ik daar nl mijn roodzwarte kostuum nog een keer aan.
De tuniek hoeft alleen nog maar afgezoomd te worden aan de onderkant, dus dat zou moeten lukken.
Duim jij voor goed weer dit weekend?

The Dreamstress said...

Beautiful! The colours in the original are so striking, and you have replicated perfectly!