Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ladies 1909 coat

While toying around in my mind with several ideas for medieval costumes, I deciced to work on a 1909 Edwardian coat. A few years ago I started to work on a Edwardian Walking Costume, but I never finished it because I wasn't completly satisfeid with how it was turning out.
At this moment I am making a mock-up version of the coat, with a pattern from the Rocking Horse farm # 909 Ladies Coat suit. If all goed well the mock-up might end up as the coats lining. I must Admit, I am not wildly enthousiatic about the pattern and would not reccomend it to any one. The sewing description is minimalistic and I think it is only suited for the experienced seamstress.
I intend to make the coat out of blue coat quality wool, which I bought at a thrift shop a couple of years ago together with the yellow fabric I am now using for the mock-up model. At first I wanted to make the coat suit out of bright red wool, but as I am currently quite broke and bright red wasn't common in the Edwardian age. I deciced to use the fabric I had available. The blue wool, mostly likely, isn't enough for a coat and skirt, so it won't technically be a suit.

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