Monday, 6 July 2009

Yet another last minute costume

To prevent me from overheating at yet another warm viking event. I decided to make myself a sleeveless tunic. The event was on sunday and I started working on the tunic on wednesday. It had to be finished by Saturday, because I was celebrating my birhday that day.

I know that it is higly debated whether or not viking women wore sleeveless tunics. There are some references to sleeveless tunics as clothing for slaves and they are often thought to be made of unbleached fabric. This tunic was made of yellow greenish linnen fabric that was lying in our fabric stash.

On my birthday we where in Museum Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede. Here are some pictures


cathyr19355 said...

That's an interesting color! It goes very well with your amber-colored apron dress.

I have a pair of cut-and-sewn stockings in that exact color, which I bought from an American vendor. That means nothing, but I find the coincidence amusing.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Je komt op mijn verjaardagslijst. Trouwens waarom herinner je me eraan dat ik ook nog aan het naaien moet. Ik verzuip in het werk en kom nergens aan toe omdat ik altijd met iemand ergens heen moet. Volgende week hopelijk.

Groetjes Harma