Saturday, 11 July 2009

Victorian Boys Costume

I absolutely love Ageless Patterns. It is very hard to find boys victorian costumes. So imagine my happines when I found the Ageless Patterns website which sells copies of original patterns. With a lot of patterns to choose from, not only for women and girls but also for men and boys.
Ordering the pattern went smoothly and I recieved the pattern fast. The pattern is on nice thick white paper, only down side are the original sewing instructions which are added. Those where written for far more advanced seamstresses than I am, but with some research and commom sense I managed to make the trousers fairly quickly.

The trousers are not hemmed yet, as my son will probably grown a inch or so before we need them on December the 12th in Haarlem at the Anton Pieck Parade.

Next on my to do list, the coat with simulated vest. The coat will be made from the same grey wool as the trousers, the "vest" will be made from a white fabric simulating damask.

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