Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Vacation; Salisbury

This year we went on holiday to Great Britain and ofcourse ;-) it had a historical theme.

Salisbury is a delightful town with a towncentre full of history

The Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund's dates to the mid fifteenth century.

Salisbury Cathedral

The main body of the church was build in only 38 years, building started in 1220. The 123 meters high tower, the highest in the UK, is a later addition from 1330.

This is the oldest "modern" working clock, it dates to 1386. It has no face and only rings on the hours.

Close to the Cathedral is the Salisbury and Wiltshire Museum, which we absolutely love.

Here are some highlights:

Woman's Satchel from Swallowcliff Down, Wilthire. c. 280 mm long and 200 mm wide. Though it was laid down in the grave, not worn by the dead woman, it was evidently intented for carrying on a person as it was attached to a belt with decorative plated and multi tongued buckle. The satchel fastened by means of a annular disc and was decorated with a circular mount.

quote from: Dress in Aglo-Saxon England, written by Gale Owen-Crocker(Women's costume from the seventh to the ninth centuries)

I also loved the "Stitches in Time" costume gallery, but was not allowed to make pictures as the costumes are all very fragile and sensitive to light.

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