Monday, 3 November 2008

Tape weaving at Brederode

I had set up some tape weaving at home to work on while at the medieval event at Brederode.

I like doing tape weaving while doing a demo, because it's relatively simple and the result still looks nice. The yarn I used to weave with was dyed with natural dyes (ofcourse ;-) ) The red is from madderroot, the yellow is from weld, yelloworange is from unionskins and the dark orange is made with madderroot/unionskin

This strip of tape woven band will end up as my garters.
I also worked on my friend Audrey's nalebound socks.

The Saturday of this event was windy, wet and cold with not a lot of visitors. Sunday was much better. The public was very nice and interested in the crafts we were doing but I missed the contact with the other reeanctors of most of the choose to stand on the field beside ruïnes, while we where standing in the "courtyard".

Now it's time to finish my Victorian costume!

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K-Money said...

These are very lovely colors and I like the pattern, too. It is simple, bold and beautiful.