Saturday, 22 November 2008

Coat finished, muff has arrived.

I am very relieved to be able to say that I finished my black velvet coat (sorry people no picture available yet). Especially because my red cuirass bodice isn't finished at all. The hook and eye closure didn't work, probably because there is not enough tension on the fabric on the upperpart of the bodice. This means back to the drawing board with only little time left to go and lot of other things to do. It is save to say that I am not happy at all. The current plan is to alter the fit of the upper part of the bodice and close the jacket with 15 buttons and buttonsholes.

I couldn't find a coat pattern when I started work on my coat. So I altered my cuirass bodice pattern. Today I found the new victorian coat pattern of truly victorian.The TV560 1880s Late Bustle Coat

The funny thing is that my coat looks a lot like this coat, so I am happy!

Other good news, my vintage muff has arrived! It is at least a 100 years old, probably older. The original box it was sold in is still present, but has to be repaired. The muff is in good condition, with thick silky soft black fur. It looks really great with my black velvet coat. Only a tiny repair has to be made to the lining.

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K-Money said...

This is a really lovely coat, I would like to make it!