Monday, 24 November 2008

Red Velvet scarf part 2

The lady with the muff in this lovely victorian winterscene is wearing something that looks like it could be a scarf.

Here a close-up of her. The image comes from Groot Handwerkboek uit Grootmoeders Jeugd. No date given.

Two young ladies wearing scarfs, the image is taken from Victorian and Edwardian fashions from 'La Mode Illustrée' and dated 1878.

Lady wearing lace hood and a scarf. Victorian Fashions& Costumes from Harper's Bazar 1867-1898, dated 1883.

Detail from the red velvet scarf of Mina Harker in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Detail of my velvet red scarf. Which is about 2.70m long and 14 cm wide with black lace detail at both ends.

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