Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sixties dress

I haven't been doing much costuming or sewing lately. So all projects are progressing very slowely. but I did manage to finish one project. a sixties style dress. Usually I am a fifties style girl but I bought a lovely piece of fabric at a thrift store and this was the only dress I could make with it. Fifties style dresses with swing skirt  take a lot of fabric. As I only had a small piece I had to look beyond my comfort zone.
I ended up going for simplicity #3833, which has the elements that I suit my figure best,  as it is a high waisted a-line dress.

I made version A, with the long sleeves and the backstrap because I needed a autumn/winter dress. When it was finished I wasn't pleased with it because I thought it was a little bit plain/boring. Which is strange considering the bold pattern of the fabric. I added cuffs, backstraps and fake pockets in a very different style fabric to give the dress a little bit more visual interest. I don't have any pictures yet of me wearing it. So for now pictures of it on the coat hanger will have to do. 

The style of the dress took some getting used to. The first time I put it on I really hated it but today I am wearing it for the second time and it is growing on me.

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