Thursday, 19 March 2015

Romantic Fashions at the Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag (part 1)

Last tuesday I visited the Romantic Fashion exhibition for the second time, I had visited it earlier this year in February, but I loved it so much that I jumped at the chance to go again. Both times I went with a fellow costumelover and both times I had a wonderful time. My husband and son are always good company but nothing beats looking at costumes with people who are just as enthusiastic about them as I am.

Enough talk, it's time for the photo's !

Most garments where originals from the 19th century
like these dresses from 1800-1830.

Cotton dresses from 1830-1835

Not only the costumes where great but also the displays.

Pre-crinoline fashion 1845-1855



This is a small selection of the pictures I made that day, I have about 200 photographs and I will add them to a photoalbum on our Victorian website "De Gracieuse". I promises I will keep you al posted. In the meantime visit our facebook page for more pictures. The exhibition is on display untill the 22th of March.

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