Tuesday, 24 March 2015

1840's - 1860's jacket

I've been wanting a winter jacket/coat for my 1840's , 1850's and 1860's costumes for a long time. Although it wasn't a really cold day or cold winter for that matter. I was really cold in my costume so I really need that extra layer. The look I am going for is one I have seen in movies like A Christmas Carol a thousand times but unfortanetly movie costume aren't necessarily historically correct.


I like the look of these coat and cape/pelerine combiantions from the 1840's. Which sometimes even seem to have an attached hood (1844's purple coat). I would love to make one of those but I don't have enough fabric and I need it to be wearable with my 1850's and 1860's costume as well.

1850's-60's jackets

Here are some jackets that I like from 1850's-1860's. I especially like the 1857 red jacket with fur worn by Princess Eugenie.

1860's paletot pattern by Period Impressions

I have bought 1860's paletot pattern by Period Impressions years ago but it takes up an awful lot of fabric and in my opinion is very unelegant.

A while ago I found this really cool free pattern for a authentic 1848's Victorian coat on-line. You can find it at Marmota's Dress Diaries. The sewalong has been over for quite some time but ofcourse the pattern is still very useful.

Original 1848 jacket.

 I printed and taped it together December last year.Yesterday I bought a really cheap fabric to make a mock-up model. The pattern goes together really well and doesn't take up a lot of fabric. I made a size 16 (42) with a piece of fabric about 2m long and 150 wide. For me it runs a little small, especially because I want the pieces in front to meet and it needs to be lined. Time for me to try and make some alterations to the pattern.

My current plan is to make a red woollen1850's style coat which than can be worn with or without the red woollen pelerine/capelet with hood. (Maybe I'll take the hood off) Making the coat and cape pretty versatile in my costume closet.

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Hana - Marmota said...

Hello, I see you've found my pattern! As it is, the sewalong actually faded away due to lack of time on my side - so I'm glad to see some feedback on how the pattern works for other people!