Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Medieval Knitting

There are three types of persons, those who knit, those who crochet and those who are lucky enought too enjoy both! I am very much a crochet person, somehow I feel knitting is too slow. Which has ofcourse something to do with my knitting skills or the lack of them. At this moment I a giving knitting, medieval style that is, a go.

I started out with four long needles.

As it wasn't working for me, I was poking my eyes out with three needles at once, instead of knitting. A friend suggested using five needles and I bought a set of short bamboo needles at Etsy.

This is much easier but I'm still not a big fan of knitting. On the other hand it will be nice to have something new to demonstrate at events. 

Detail from Visit of the Angel, from the right wing of the Buxtehude Altar, 1400-1410.
Painted by Meister Bertram von Minden

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