Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dyeing Persian Red Experiment

When I first started dyeing with natural- and plant dyes, I got really beautiful brickred when I dyed with madderroot. A color that I haven't been able to achieve the last couple of years.  I have tried a lot of different recipes but all with the same outcome, orange!

So one of my sisters brought back madderroot from Turkey and I decided to give an old Persian recipe that I found a go.

The madder root

Madder powder

Dyebath before applying ammonia

End result photographed in sunlight

Photographed inside
(left) First dyebath, pongee silk
(right) second dyebath, chiffon silk

Recipe from: Over Wol en Plantaardig Verven, Frans Smeets.

Although the end result is red, I will be trying out more different recipes the next coming months.

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Noortje said...

Geweldig! Dat is meer rood dan oranje idd. Ben benieuwd wat het op wol doet (en begin spijt te krijgen dat ik geen Turkse Meekrap heb gekocht).