Sunday, 16 February 2014

To Lucet and crochet

This weeks has been about enhancing my skills and challenging myself. With not time or energy to work on a big (costuming) project, I choose to do little things instead.

I have been making lucetted cords with the childeren for quite some time now and decided that they and I (!) needed a little bit more challenge, so I decided to add beads to make lucetted bracelets.

I also tried to crochet lace for a petticoat with a very fine crochet hook. The pattern is antique which presented a challenge in itself. I only made one piece of the motif as the white cotton thread I used was too coarse and the lace turned out too big. Still proud that I figured it out though!

You find the pattern at Heirloom Crochet , A selection of laces and insertions useful to needlewomen, the petit filet edge.

I also tried to figure out another lace pattern, the beginning looked promising but sadly enough I got stuck. There are lot of antique crochet patterns available for free on the internet, and a lot from the period that I am looking for 1840's - 1860's, but I find them quite hard to  work with. So for now I guess I will have to settle for a less authentic crochet lace.

My son has been begging me to crochet him a Om nom, ever since I made one for one of his friends. 

Today his Om nom family finally got a new member, we now have 19 Om noms, and I don't think the end is in sight yet. My son his first question, when it was finished was, Mum can you crochet a candy? We'll there is my next challenge!

You can find the Om nom pattern on Ravelry:
I bought this pattern for a larger Om nom with candy(!) and a Santa hat:

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Cathy Raymond said...

The lucetted bracelets are a great idea! I need to figure out how to make one (perhaps a great idea for the "Under $10" Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge)! And the Om-noms are adorable!